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Our employees, mission, and values are what distinguishes us.

Alina Softwares is a worldwide renowned IT firm with a diverse clientele. It also has a passionate crew that can provide unique solutions to global firms, enterprises, mid-size organisations, and start-ups.

Who We Are

Alina Softwares is a family that has symbolised unity on its path to success for over a decade. For Evolutioners, success is defined as matching new ideas with real-world achievements through our technical skills, which is what we aspire to be recognised for as a Team!

Our vision has enabled us to expand into a leading IT business in India and the United States, specialising in industry-specific mobility solutions. The mission is to empower customers and organisations by providing them with new options that harness current and future technologies while maintaining the greatest levels of quality, honesty, and transparency.

What We Do

Our passion has led us to become one of India's and the US' leading providers of industry-led mobility solutions in the web and mobile application development niches, utilising modern technologies such as the web of Things (IoT), AI-ML, AR-VR, Voice assistants, Voice Skills, DevOps, and Cloud computing.

We are confident because of our skilled technology specialists and R&D team, which has always attempted to help worldwide customers with a variety of IT services and solutions. Because of our partnership, our clients will benefit from faster project development and cheaper expenses.

Every alina's belief

client centric approach

Client-centric Approach

Customers always remain at the centre of any business. As a premier online and mobile application development business, our definition extends beyond our immediate clients. We always start where you are with your ideas, thinking from the perspective of YOUR end consumers, their pain points, and coming up with a solution to address essential issues that benefit your business.

effective collaboration

Effective Collaboration

Communication is the key to success. When our development team interacts with customers thousands of miles away, it's apparent that we use platforms and media that allow for effectiveness, openness, and accuracy. This enables us to do amazing things for our clients' businesses.

quality delivered in time

Quality Delivered in Time

With over a decade of experience in the offshore IT software development market, we have a great set of internal processes and best-in-class infrastructure that allows us to generate solutions of the highest quality all of the time. We've learnt throughout the years how to prevent pitfalls and replicate achievements. We're not just talking about quality. We determine

We've helped companies increase their income by 99% on average in their first year with us!


Satisfied Clients Across the Globe


Projects Delivered Successfully


Experts Under the Same Roof

founder and ceo

Sunil Chaurasiya

india-flag Founder & CEO

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success"

founder and ceo

Rajesh Khubchandani

NZ-flag Founder & CEO

"I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature."


Neelesh Pandey


"Build your own commandments of life to achieve what you dream"

Our Leaders

sricharan gadde
Sricharan Gadde

Advisor (Board of Member)

sharad patel
Sharad Patel

Board of Member (UI/UX Manager)

Haris ali
Syed Haris kosar Ali


Priyanka Singh

Vendor Manager

Manish Chakravarti

Team Lead Manager

Ravindra Kumar

Solution Architect

Shanoo Vishwakarma

Team Lead Backend

Our Core Values

Provide Reliable and High-Quality Software Development Services

Maximum Customer Satisfaction

It's in our blood. Our clients are the driving force behind the success we've had over the years. This is why we maintain customer pleasure at the heart of our ecosystem. We are not afraid to collaborate in order to enhance our insights for flawless implementation of our solutions. Client praise is like music to our ears, and we long for it. It's a yearning that never goes away.

Methodology Based on Results

Our success is rooted on our vision and how we carry it out. We maintain our ideals throughout the process, from recruiting to quality outputs. We look for people that are passionate about what they do. People that genuinely want to work with us and appreciate the significance of meeting customer expectations in order to achieve exceptional results.

Everything must be honest.

Our primary value is integrity, and it is at the heart of all we do. It is as good as, if not better than, observing the law in our opinion. It is about keeping our promises, being honest and fair in business and in everyday life. We are a family who believes in teamwork and has one mantra: die with memories, not dreams. Memories with our colleagues and clients.

Excellent Working Environment

Alina Softwares is a family for several reasons. We adore our pals. Alina Softwares is not about making promises, obtaining worldwide renown, or receiving testimonies. We welcome the variety of philosophy, culture, and people with complete respect. Nothing beats being inspired by your mentors and their success stories. Yes, Alina Softwares cares about its most valuable asset: its workers. Humans, not machines, work here!


Feathers in our cap


Why we're here?

What should we be remembered for?

We've come a long way, and so much has changed in the last two decades. We developed stuff, met a lot of people, formed lifelong connections, learnt a lot, and matured as a group. In retrospect, it was a rocky voyage. The days and months seemed interminable and bleak at times. But the magnificent destination is well worth the effort! And what an adventure that proved to be!

Our concept of success has evolved throughout time. Making an impact in a few lives is an admirable aim, but we want to be recognised for assisting others in achieving their goals.


Plot No. 375, Mandakini Colony Kolar Road, Bhopal - 462042


6335 180th Place NE, Redmond, WA, US 98052

New Zealand

6 Myland Drive, Hobsonville, Auckland, 0616, New Zealand