Taking proactive measures to ensure efficient delivery

Regular assessments are conducted to instill a 360-degree view of every circumstance in a project.

This evaluation procedure takes varied amounts of time depending on the criticality and complexity of the project. The goal is to go through important deliverables, team alignment, and anything else that affects the timely and effective execution of the project.


To guarantee the essential three triangles of scope, time, and money stay predictable, each project must have a structure to look beyond statistics. We don't only look at numbers, unlike many others.

The goal of the evaluation is to assess "Completeness" and "Experience."

To accomplish so, we enlist key stakeholders who drive the project, as well as some impartial but experienced individuals from other teams, to review the outcomes and elevate the project situation to a higher degree of satisfaction.

Collaboration ⇒ Lot of Feedback

Everybody has their own side of picture
Hard to find objectivity in different situations
Stakeholder ownership changes over a time

Breaking Bad

Realities about working with an outside group


What client thinks?

  • Start is too slow
  • Miscommunication
  • My team is too inexperienced!
  • Indecisive Milestones
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Nobody cares!

What's the reality?

  • Lack of 100% understanding
  • Knowing only a tip of the iceberg
  • Slower feedbacks / approvals
  • Unknown priorities at client's end
  • Just doing it as a tasks (actually a lot of clients expects us to do so :)

The Project Review Process - Echo Communications Meetings

All initiatives in the development phase are assessed at least every two weeks. In other circumstances, such as delayed projects, we examine them at least once a month. The goal is to go through the project timetable, open issues, current team input, effort burn down, delivery milestones, and overall project schedule.

This additionally offers us a better understanding of where the project is, but it also allows us a glimpse into the near future.

  • Completely honest disclosure of facts and actual situation
  • Project Delivery Milestones and Efforts
  • Examine the immediate forecast, strategy, and known dangers that may arise.

Including Clients throughout the Review Process

We realise that an internal evaluation provides us with one perspective. However, effective offshore projects always require client attention, especially when success or failure is being measured.


Determine Internal and External Risk Elements

With customers engaging in such an evaluation, the team can learn about some of the hazards that are typically not mentioned at the outset.


To keep initiatives on track and on time

Planning according to the existing circumstances is more significant than planning from the start of the project, allowing for adaptability and a realistic approach.


Guarantee that the whole development cycle is seamless.

The quality improves by ensuring that the designers and engineers are the team on the ground, and when they have predicted outcomes to provide.

Participants in the Review Process



The Project Manager or the Team Manager


YOU - The Client

Project Owner



Team member from Alina Softwares Account Management Team


Team Members

Anyone from team who can add value to the Project Review



Review sessions are NEVER held on an ad hoc basis. They are always arranged in advance, and stakeholders are emailed calendar invites long before the meeting.

  • Shared calendar with all key stakeholders
  • Planned intimation of review session
  • Prior notifications
  • Summary of past review action items

Review Presentation

A review representation by an Alina Softwares Project Manager or Scrum Master maintains a consistent presentation with the most up-to-date facts.

  • Current State of the project
  • Current stage of development
  • Known Risks
  • Dependencies
  • Ask for recommendations

Reviewer Findings

A job reviewer, either a client or a neutral reviewer, must submit their findings in the form of a form to guarantee that they are collected and translated into action items.

  • Overall feedback about team, and their way of working
  • Your suggestions to improve the deliverables
  • How we can make these presentations more productive and efficient

Moderator Review

A impartial moderator keeps an eye on how the meeting is going and also records his or her observations in an assessment form.

  • Ensure review is done properly
  • Done with appropriate detail about project
  • Incorporating your feedback into deliverables
  • Improve presentations based on your feedback

It just takes a few minutes every month.


What Alina Softwares Does?

  • This is not the type of conversation you have with your staff every day.
  • Rather than just defining short-term objectives
  • Affects overall deliverables
  • Provides a clear image of larger aims rather than just a series of everyday duties

What Client's Need to Do?

  • 1 hour every month
  • Proactive suggestions
  • Open mindset
  • Stronger collaboration

Efficient Mobile UI/UX Design

Discovery Workshop is designed to provide precise and detailed.

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