Discovery Workshop

Shaping ideas into robust solutions

Everything starts with a real idea. But there must be reasons why not all ideas become what others call "success." To avoid such catastrophes, Alina Softwares puts great emphasis on a customised Discovery Workshop, just for you. Let us learn more about it!


Purpose of the Study Discovery Workshop

“In order to achieve this, we provide you with a robust, unique, and out-of-the-box solution with the latest technologies and stunning UI / UX design”.

The main purpose of this meeting is not only to share project requirements, but also to gain a better understanding of our clients' expectations and to be able to provide them with quality and experience.

The workshop enables the discovery of the front sides



our entire team to gain a complete understanding of our client's business, vision and goals.



So we can make our own assumptions and explore any aspect on which we might have a different opinion



Allowing UI /UX and development teams to review detailed information for error-free results

Provide detailed information to UI/UX and development teams for error-free development

In more simpler terms, for a software development or mobile app development project, Discovery Workshop is the pre-development stage of gathering and sharing relevant project information between client and the project team. The platform for information sharing could be on site/off site meetups and online conferences.


A specially curated session is a project initiation process to shape up your ideas, engineer your requirements and to take your product merely from a concept to advanced development stages in lesser time.


What can a client expect during these sessions?

Analyse, identify and present information on core vision, industry problems, strategic analysis, niche targets, project scope, etc.


What can a project team do for you?

Explore the subject area and business flow, identify bottlenecks and present relevant solutions, organize the clutter, create a roadmap.

Why Should Clients Attend a Discovery Workshop?


“Consider yourself a client in the market for a mobile application. After some time of searching, you reach an agreement with a reputable software development firm. Due to time and money restrictions, you just skip the project discovery workshop because you already have a clear notion of what your app should look like and how it should work. So you finally decide to turn over the requirements sheet to the technical team and set a particular delivery and product launch timeframe.


In this instance, the software development team would not have any further questions and would begin the mobile app design and development process in order to deliver the product on time. Those few weeks or months fly by, and you eventually have a beautiful mobile app. You launch the smartphone app and wait for the first new visitors with great expectation and joy.


Statistics and analysis show that your app users are not enjoying your nicely designed software, and conversion is significantly below your expectations after a few months. As a result, you have already spent most or all of your capital on app development and now do not have enough money to continue developing it owing to a failing ROI. This is the point at which you remark to yourself, "Something went horribly wrong."

Three major issues for clients were eliminated during the Discovery Workshop.

Three major issues for clients were eliminated during the Discovery Workshop.

  • 1 Underestimating project implementation costs
  • 2 Launching a product in the market with less or no potential
  • 3 Finding on product not solving user needs

UI/UX Designing

The UI/UX design team may be the most creative, and while we have the best talent delivering outstanding designs week in and week out, we feel that clients are an equally crucial part of Discovery sessions to ensure a successful end product. Key aspects are critical for the design team's thinking and visualising process! If you don't want important details to be lost in translation, you must carefully organise the process. Its purpose is to guarantee that all of the features you anticipate developing are included in the product's roadmap/user journeys. This is achieved when information is transferred smoothly between the design team and other project stakeholders.


It's about “Designing Together”

This is where we turn our thoughts into fantastic designs. The first visual portrayal of turning your thoughts into reality. Clients, project analysts, and UI/UX designers working together effectively can aid in the following ways:

  • Clutter of ideas is organized efficiently to define critical system features
  • Best way to build a complete feature product/ software listing that is understood to everyone
  • Outlining system architecture design – the Blueprint of the Core
  • Full fledge user journey derived through expertly crafted on screen mockups
  • Interactive set of UI/UX designs to visualise the end product
  • Swift Prototype development
  • Low risk development of cost-effective launch ready product

Let's summarise what we learnt so far

The little time and money spent following the discovery workshop will be a big favour to yourself once you comprehend the long-term benefits. The Discovery Workshop is necessary for any project involving software development or mobile app development since it provides the following benefits:

  • Make precise decisions based on evidence instead of assumptions
  • Craft and create every pixel and design by keeping users to the core for better UX
  • Get accurate estimates through better understanding of project scope and goals
  • Save time & money by eliminating the need of making costly changes on advanced development stages
  • Ensure a high return on investment in the development
  • Gain better development insights through expert consultation with project tech team

Discovery Sessions

Realising the potential of your app idea and putting it into action are two very different things. If you have little to no expertise developing digital products, the task may appear extremely daunting. We can assist you in refining your ideas so that you may take the first stages in your project.


Discover and Devise

  • Interviews with Client about the idea, vision and market
  • Questionnaires
  • User stories
  • Market analysis
  • Self documentation
  • Traceability Matrix
  • User experience observations
  • Proposed solutions and suggestions


Lean UX Process

  • Visual understanding of a page
  • Illustrate key features of the solution
  • Bringing Usability to the forefront
  • Validate hypothesis about content and interaction strategy
  • Reduced risks in actual Design Process


UI/UX Design

  • Modern UI patterns
  • Flat + Minimal + Material Approach
  • Keeps Information at the Center
  • Engage the User Quickly
  • Natural interaction methods
  • MoSCoW Principal - prioritizing
  • Micro interactions

Efficient Mobile UI/UX Design

Discovery Workshop is designed to provide precise and detailed.

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