Model of Devoted Engagement

For changing scope, form your own project-based team.

With numerous engagement schemes in place, we discovered a characteristic that our 3000+ clients examined when selecting the RIGHT MODEL. That is, how much control and comprehension they have over the current area of work. Choosing the proper model with the help of an expert makes a huge impact, whether it or not!

Why should you hire a dedicated team?


"Either dedicated teams or Outsourced" In basic terms, the model approach entails selecting and forming your own team to work on your software development project so that you may remain focused on important business areas. You can recruit them on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis, and they can range from a single developer to a team of developers that will operate alone or in collaboration with another team(s)."

A specialised software development team may gain clear insights into the project's goal through good cooperation. The corporate vision and goals for what your END users should anticipate are stated in advance, along with a project management plan - from launch through delivery.

And, based on our 25+ years of expertise, we can ensure that this strategy significantly improves project efficiency, quality, and timeliness.

Statistics Speak for Their Own

IBM Study found that fuzzy business objectives, out-of-sync stakeholders, and excessive rework mean that 75% of project participants lack confidence that their projects will succeed. To add more, the report says:

  • 1 Only 2.5% companies complete 100% of their projects
  • 2 57% projects fail due to “breakdown in communication”
  • 3 Only 40% projects meet milestones, budget and quality goals

What services do we offer? Our Recruitment Models

Alina Softwares provides full-time, part-time, and hourly recruiting for focused development projects to satisfy the demands of any size organisation. Examine the engagement models that result in addressing a variety of corporate demands.

Full Time

8 hours/day 5 days/week

Part Time

4 hours/day 5 days/week

Hourly Basis

Starts with 40 hours Pay as you go


Onsite Dedicated Team

We provide onsite staffing services to clients and organisations all around the world to fill gaps in the development cycle. Our presence may be transitory, frequent, or full-time during the development life cycle.


Offsite Dedicated Team

Find your preferred developers from us and have your project up and running as soon as possible from our development centre. With professional guidance provided by a cloud team, you will have complete control over the team.


Product Development Team

This is nothing else than extending your own team with our verified professionals who give help for your product's successful release through coordination of technical components and process flow.

Onboard Process


Send us a Request

Inform us and we will respond immediately or within 24 hours to learn about your project's goals, target locations, users, tech stack, and other potential subtleties so that we may provide specific recommendations.


Custom Engagement Plan

We create the tech stack and a hiring plan based on the information gathered, including specifics about the needed technical knowledge and experience of the developers on your team.


Planned Screening Tests

We go through our large pool of competent developers to choose the top ones for screening tests. This is to assess your communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and skill set related to your company concept.


Interviews/ Talent Sourcing

We will bring the applications to your attention in order to organise interviews and pick the best prospects. We forward the top resources via demanding coding exams after assessing their skills through talent sourcing.


Selection & Onboarding

We agree an NDA to protect your project's intellectual property and secret infrastructure. When you select a team, the kick-off occurs instantly, and the project normally begins within 24-72 hours.


Quality Driven Reporting

We communicate daily updates using systems such as Basecamp, JIRA, and others. Weekly review sessions are held to assess progress and address bottlenecks. Monthly meetings allow you to reflect on your work, plan ahead of time, and optimise your delivery.


Escalation Process

Our referral procedure is set in stone. The Project Manager is the initial point of contact, and if that fails, clients can approach the Delivery Head, or in extreme cases, the Director of Operations.

Advantages! Something You Will Always Want


Direct Communication

You will get complete access to talk with the chosen developers at all times through Skype, email and phone with scheduled audio/video conferencing to overcome the communication barrier.


Your Team, Your Selection

Select your own development team through a rigorous screening and interview procedure. We will give you with the resumes of the most qualified applicants for you to choose from.


ZERO Upfront Investment

We will assist you in establishing your own development team with ZERO upfront costs for infrastructure, hiring, and personnel. You will only be required to pay for the duration of your engagement with us.


100% Project Control

You are going to have complete control over the Alina Softwares software specialists you engage. They will collaborate directly with you or your team to plan, create, and deliver a solution that matches your company objectives.


Plug 'N Play

Build your squad in record speed. You have the freedom to scale up and scale down the workforce as needed with just a month's notice to optimise expenses and engagement per resource.


Transparent Ecosystem

We promote honesty with all of our clients in order to provide the finest experience possible with the goal of developing long-term business relationships. We provide daily, weekly, and monthly reporting to assist clients in planning the release.

Execution & Reporting

Keep track of the state of the task and where the hours are spent.

  • Strong internal reporting format and monitoring by supervision
  • Daily summary shared with you and your team for instant tracking
  • Weekly review meeting to see the progress
  • Monthly review session for introspect the work done, plan and optimize the delivery

Our Value Propositions

  • Strong NDAs are in place with team members to safeguard our customers' unique ideas and business methods.
  • Our adaptable development options offer a Transparent Cost Structure with a flat monthly fee per resource and no hidden costs.
  • "completely dedicated team members" is what we mean. This implies that no work will be shared with other projects or clients.
  • More than fifty specialists with a combined 10 years of expertise will push your project with unrivalled excellence.
  • Remove the team member in the event of inefficiency, poor quality, or an emergency with no influence on the project development cycle.
  • We also give references or evaluations of clients who worked with us on dedicated development projects upon request.

Efficient Mobile UI/UX Design

Discovery Workshop is designed to provide precise and detailed.

Know More


We've been providing outsourcing services for over two decades. We were there when nobody else was, and we've been going strong since 2011. With the support of our learnings throughout the years, we have consistently polished our internal processes, service quality, and communication. We have a really close team relationship in which we share a lot of things, both good and negative. That is what keeps us on our toes in order to thrive at what we do - while also continually learning from our failures.

We are the ideal combination of fresh ideas and industry professionals. With more than 135 employees working with Alina Softwares for more than 10 years, our average team age is still under 28. This is an excellent omen for pushing great ideas supported by even outstanding brains. To learn more about us, go here. - please visit

No. Companies don't rely entirely on you for general instances. Most of the time, and more often than not, they will find the solution by requesting guidance, advising, and technical assistance from their peers, supervisors, and experienced team members. However, the more the team is aware of long-term goals and the more you treat them as your own team, the better they will perform. Every expectation stated during the early stages of engagement makes meeting them over time simpler. Nobody hates surprises, and timely communication can help to mask them.

We feel it is our obligation. However, if the problem is within our grasp or access, we can surely intervene and assist you in resolving it before it becomes a problem. However, in certain circumstances, our customers decide to delegate some aspects of the project to their own teams. In such circumstances, all we can do is assist you or show you the remedy. To be able to "FIX" the problem itself, we need your permission as well as access.

Certainly. Pricing is not tough in terms of numbers. But, as you might assume, it's not only about the price and quote. The fundamental benchmark of price is determined by a number of elements, including the makeup of the team, the amount of expertise necessary, the type of engagement, and the length of the contract's minimum commitment.

Most importantly, the real solution that must be produced is key here. It is heavily dependent on whether the solution must be constructed from the ground up or if work is necessary on an already established and operational system. Many conversations are required in both scenarios in order to create a flawless and transparent cost model.

We will share our holiday schedule with you throughout the onboarding process, and we will also keep you updated a week in advance for any public holidays.

This is entirely plausible. We may arrange for the developer(s) to visit your nation and work with your team for a period of time. In such circumstances, you must face the expenditures of a Visa, travel, lodging, and per diem charges in addition to their monthly fee. This can be explored and may differ from situation to instance.


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